Looking the part for the sale!

You’re about to sell your property and we’re going to be bringing lots of people around to see it. Showing it off well is a really important factor in getting the best possible price! A badly presented property is not going to generate emotion in buyers. Refurb projects in dire straights are excluded from this. Here’s some handy hints. Get in touch with us for more.

  • Kerb Appeal

    Buyers have already judged your property before they go through the front door. Make sure it has kerb appeal and sets the tone right from the start. Tidy up the front of the house. Get the power-washer out, clean the windows, replace any cracked glass, weed the flowerbeds, tidy up the driveway. Painting the front door and changing the accessories can transform the front of the property! Removing net curtains is always a good idea.

  • Little Jobs

    Do all the little jobs around the house that you’ve been meaning to do for ages. Buyers will see them as soon they walk into your house. You know what they are…

  • Remove the clutter!

    You’ll be moving soon anyway so get started now and make a plan to remove the clutter. There are plenty of guides online to help you achieve the perfectly de-cluttered home! Here is one we like – 10 Creative ways to declutter

  • Kitchen

    We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s the heart of every home. It needs to be clean, enticing and fresh. Tidy up the presses, clean out the fridge. Buyers are going to open the doors! If you kitchen is tired looking, consider replacing the worktops and repainting the doors. You’d be amazed at the transformation a simple refurbishment can make.

  • Bathrooms

    Bathrooms should be spotless. Grouting should be bright and clean. Replace the toilet seat and shower curtain if necessary.

  • Clean & Clear

    Have your property as clean as possible and clear from pet & cigarette smells. A quick lick of paint can do wonders at improving the air in a property.

For more tips and tricks book a valuation and we’ll come to you.